Helpful tips for installing vinyl siding

Here are some helpful tips for installing vinyl siding in smaller home projects. I believe that most people can do their own vinyl siding installation. It's really that easy. Let's start with all the trim pieces first.

It's a good idea to nail flashing around windows and doors before the J-channel goes on so that rain runs in a sweeping motion toward the ground without getting under the vinyl siding.

The illustration above shows how to install the flashing starting with the bottom first and overlapping each sheet as you go up.

J-channel usually goes on after the flashing. It needs to wrap around doors and windows. It can be nailed in place and it also interlocks with other J-channel.

Next, you'll want to attach the corner trim. There are inside corners and outside corners. When you attach the corner trim with nails, make sure the nails aren't sunk in all the way.

The vinyl corners need to slide freely up and down with expansion and contraction caused from temperature fluctuations.

You will want to finish the soffit, fascia and eave before installing vinyl sheets on the walls.

You will need to install accessory covers for lights, outlets, spigots and vents.

The starter strip is attached securely with nails after a level chalk line is made all the way around the house.

The first vinyl sheet is attached to the starter strip by interlocking the bottom of the sheet and pulling up. You nail it in place with the nail holes on the vinyl. Once again, be careful not to sink the nails in all the way. The panels need to slide freely from side to side.

Slide the panels into the corner trim pieces so the edge of the vinyl sheet is covered up.

The panels will overlap at the seams.

Once you reach the top, you will need to cut the nailing hem off the top piece of vinyl and punch snaplock lugs into it every few inches. Then just lock the vinyl panel in place starting at the bottom and then snapping the lug holes into the utility strip.

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