sweating copper pipe

The process of sweating copper pipe is quite easy if you decide to install copper waterlines. Galvanized and copper lines usually run in a straight line and branch off with a tee to each fixture or appliance. Galvanized and copper pipes are harder than installing plastic water lines, but if that's the code then you have no choice.

sweating copper pipes

installing copper

copper plumbing diagram

Metal lines are fairly easy to install once you learn how to do it if you have all the proper tools.

There are many different fittings that make sweating pipe easier. You'll need to measure the pipe and cut it to length with a pipe cutter.

cutting copper pipe

After the pipe is cut in half you will want to deburr it with a deburring tool. After that you will need to polish the end slightly with an emery cloth.

Once the pipe has been cut, deburred and polished then you can apply the soldering paste or rosin flux.

Rosin flux helps clean the pipe while it is being heated. You will need to apply the rosin flux or soldering paste to the outside of the pipe and the inside of the connector.

Once you've inserted the pipe into the connector you can heat it up with a propane torch until the paste starts to bubble and the pipe turns pink with heat.

At this point you touch a long piece of solder to the connection and run it all the way around the joint. The heat of the pipe will suck the solder into the joint and seal it up all the way around.

soldering copper

Don't forget that these pipes are really hot when you're sweating them together. Also be careful to have adequate ventilation in any area where you're using butane or other flammable gases.

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