small cottage plans

Small cottage plans are becoming more and more popular. Probably because people are downsizing their living space. A small cottage can be just as comfortable as a full sized home with a few space saving ideas implemented into the design.

Typically, a cottage is a small home that is one or one and a half stories tall. The attic space is utilized limiting head room and dormers are necessary for windows. Often the attic space is an open loft.

Almost every culture has its own version of what a cottage needs to be. That's because cottages are part of a frugal lifestyle.


small cottage
The cottage to the left is old style European, and is probably what most people think of when referring to a cottage. Smaller cottages are more efficient. Not only that, but If you live in a smaller home, it will be easier to maintain.


This larger cottage comes complete with a sun room on one side and a garage on the other.

small cottages Here is another example of old European cottages. Notice the detailing around the windows. This look is easy to replicate with modern masonry and stucko techniques. The bypass roof allows for sun windows letting in light to the upstairs.

Modern roofing material and insulation would make this a more efficient home.

tudor cottage This is a Tudor style cottage displaying the half-timbering technique. However, modern homes wishing to appear as such only need to apply wood pieces to the exterior.

Here is a sample floor plan courtesy of displaying a two bedroom cottage with an optional basement. The two covered decks offer additional living area making the home seem even bigger. Total square feet: 1,550

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