small cabin floor plans

Small cabin floor plans fits right in with this website encouraging an overall scale-down with home building.

Over spending on larger dwelling spaces has brought about such an economic crash that downsizing is the only realistic option. Log cabins are a fun option when being frugal. Just to be clear, log cabins per square foot probably cost more than frame built homes. For some reason though, smaller log cabins look better than smaller frame homes. So it's OK to live in a small log cabin.

If you reduce your living space and you'll also reduce your mortgage payment, heating bills, property taxes, property insurance, thus making it possible to actually afford your home.

Right in my community is Yellowstone Log Homes, a family based company that makes log home kits and ships them directly to you. I've included a couple of their cabin floor plans along with the link to their website. They build the entire cabin structure at their facility, then dismantle it, transport it to the building site and put it all back together.

log home

The Bridger model is right around 900 square feet. It has a partially open second story. It has a small kitchen, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. It's very charming. It's my favorite among the smaller designs.

cabin floor plans

cabin floor plan

log homes

The westerner is a little over 1,000 square feet, but makes good use of the space. The plan is great for a smaller home or summer home.

log home blueprint

log cabin plans

The Pine creek 2 plan is a fun plan for a couple that wants a summer home. This could work for a single person as well. The layout is really fun and it takes advantage of every square foot. It even has a loft for storage.

small cabin plans

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