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The best small-bathroom-makeovers that inspire you to begin your own project are those that are realistic and affordable. If you do your own labor almost any project can be affordable because the real expense in bathroom renovations is the cost of hired labor. Bathroom renovations are a lot of hard work, but really worth the effort.

The bathroom pictured was our master bathroom that needed a serious updo. We needed a better shower and an overall updated look. We didn't change the floor plan, only tore out the glass neo-angle shower and built a new shower. Then we tiled a large portion of the bathroom.

bathroom floorplan

Wow! What a mess.

Framing the new shower and adding a canister light.

bathroom remodeling

bathroom remodeling ideas

Water resistant cement board inside the shower with thin-set mortar evening out the cracks and gaps. We added an accent light above the shower door to highlight the whirlpool tub.

Problem areas we ran into: vaulted ceiling, 'wrapping' tile around 45degree corners, and what to do with the gap between the shower and vanity.

Time for creativity.

bathroom tile design

The old vanity will be refinished and varnished and the handles will be replaced with brushed nickle pulls. The new sink will have a brushed nickle faucet.

bathroom remodeling ideas bathroom remodels

A new toilet will be installed. The old tile refused to come up so it will be tiled over top of. This is not something I would do for someone else because tiling over old tile isn't as permanent, but in my own home, I will give it a go to see how long it stays.

It is alright to tile over tile as long as the 1/4 raise won't upset anything. The grout lines will need to be filled in and evened out with thin-set mortar before tile can be laid to prevent wobble and cracking. A small scrap of the old wallpaper is visible on the wall. This wallpaper covered the walls half way up. The new tile will replace this outdated look.

bathroom remodel

small bathroom remodeling

bath remodeling

bathroom tile

Looks great! The gap between the shower and vanity is nicely blended into a flowing single piece. Below is a picture of the window and how the countertop flows right up to it.

remodeling ideas

The mosaic tile that is used on the shower floor is also applied to the shower roof. Also, it is cut apart into strips as accent throughout the bathroom. Creativity helps small-bathroom-makeovers become special. home remodel

floor tile

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