setting up home wireless network with wireless router

Learning about setting up a wireless network routers without Cat5 cable. Because most homes now have more laptops than desktops, wireless routers have become very popular. The one thing to remember about wireless is that it sends a signal beyond the walls of your own home. I you want complete security, this is not the way to go. Still, you can make your network fairly secure by setting up network passwords for access to the wireless router. This prevents leachers from stealing your bandwidth.

If you're building a new home I would definitely wire data ports in every room, but what if you live in a home without data ports? Then you just use a wireless router. Wireless routers will usually send a wireless signal to all areas of the house.

Here's an example of a DSL modem from the phone connection. The DSL modem has a patch cable (rj-45) going to the wireless router. Most wireless routers also have ports for computers to connect directly with patch cables.

wireless usb adaptor If you want to connect your desktop to a wireless connection and it doesn't have a built-in wireless modem, you can just go buy a USB wireless network adaptor for about $30 and plug it into your desktop USB port. It's not quite as fast or secure as a Cat5 connection, but it does just fine when you have few options.

Eventually, all laptops and desktops will come with wireless capabilities already installed, but for now you will probably have to special order a desktop with a wireless network card if you want a desktop with wireless.

Most laptops come with wireless cards already installed, most desktops don't.

wireless desktop

This is how you set up a home wireless network with both laptops and desktops without running cat5 cable.

setting up home wireless network