septic drain fields

Installing septic drain fields is so much easier and cheaper than it used to be even 25 years ago. It's because of the Infiltrator chambers that are now approved of in all 50 states. Back in the days where it would take at least a week to build a drain field and cost a lot of money, I hated doing septic systems. Now it's a completely different story. It's easy to do and very cheap.


The old design was to use a leach field or drain field system. It was a several step process which involved excavation, lining the ground with small stones, laying down PVC drain field pipe, covering the pipe with larger stones and then covering it all up with dirt.

We don't do it that way anymore. The new and better way is much faster and tons cheaper. We will start from the outlet of the septic tank.

infiltrator Infiltrator chambers are a godsend. You only need to dig one long trench about 3 feet wide. The distance is determined by local codes and how many occupants are in the home.

The plastic chambers fit together to form a long drain field that doesn't require any special aggregate or rocks. Just put them in and cover them up. It's really that easy.

Local codes will also require that a soil test be done to see how well the ground will absorb waste water. Good absorption means a shorter field.

best drain field It's easy to see why Infiltrator chambers became so popular. They are easy to transport because you can stack enough chambers for even the largest residential project in a single pickup. They're really inexpensive too. I've used them for many years and I recommend them to everyone.

I know, it's sounds like I'm a salesman or an affiliate for Infiltrator chambers, but I'm not. I just really like the product. I even requested special permission from Infiltrators Inc. to use the photos from their site.

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