Self adhesive carpet tile

The new self adhesive carpet tile kits are becoming very popular because of the inexpensive price and ease of installation. After hearing so much about these installation kits and all the positive feedback, I decided to look into it. What I found was an excellent product that was really easy to use, very inexpensive and very convenient. People like to be able to buy the carpet tiles and install them in a few hours and be done with it. I think the convenience of an instant carpet is the allure. The biggest question about adhesive carpet tiles is "Do they leave visual seams?"

The adhesive holds these carpet sections in place and the carpet is really durable. It's just as easy as laying vinyl floor tile.

adhesive carpet tile

I've seen many applications where you can't tell that the carpet is adhesive tile carpet. Still, there are some types that show the seams a little.

It's important to get the right design and texture if you want to hide the seams. It's also really important to install the carpet tiles correctly to get the most professional-looking appearance.

Here are a few interesting samples from

carpet tile ideas

adhesive carpet samples

carpet tile samples

Most carpet tiles have an adhesive side that sticks to the floor. It's important to have a clean surface for the adhesive to stick to.

adhesive carpet

You will measure the room to find the center and mark it with a chalk line. Then measure the other direction to find a center point and divide the room into four quadrants. Start in the center and work outward to the walls. That way you can use smaller strips up against the walls and the focal point will be the center of the room.

Be sure to check out the video below. It gives a great rundown on how to install carpet tiles the quickest and easiest way.