Unique and quaint plans for small inexpensive homes

Finding plans for small inexpensive house layouts sets you on the path of improving your financial life. So many people need to scale back on expenses and lowering their mortgage payments due to reducing the size of their homes is a great start.

small house blueprints

Right from the get-go, a smaller home will help you save money. Blueprints will be much cheaper to have drawn up for a smaller house plan.

Another thing is the building permit will be substantially less for a smaller dwelling because it is calculated on a percentage of the overall cost of the home.

small house style

My home cost me $60,000 to build and that includes the well and the septic system. I already owned the land. By choosing a smaller design and building it myself, I was able to save over $100,000. That's the difference between what I paid for materials and what a 22,000 square foot home would have cost.
There are many styles of smaller homes. First, I will give an example of my gambrel roof home. It's very inexpensive to build and it utilizes space efficiently.

small house plan

Here is the floor plan for both floors. It has around 2,000 square feet. Smaller homes are really easy to heat and cool. Plus, a bigger home would be difficult for a homeowner to build by him or herself. It would be too overwhelming.

For some great ideas on kit homes check out kithomebasics.com

Here is a type of plan that is often used for summer homes. It has a loft for extra living space and a small downstairs area beneath the main floor. To get some great ideas of other smaller-sized home plans, be sure to check out my small home floor plans.

smaller house plans

small home plan

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