Using a pex manifold for fresh water lines

Most plumbing contractors use a Pex manifold for fresh water distribution in new homes. Pex is so much easier than installing copper or galvanized water lines. It's also a lot cheaper. It is also a lot more forgiving in freezing temperatures the metal pipes. Each fixture in the house will have a separate line feeding it. The manifold acts like a hub and is located near the water heater.

pex manifold

It is basically a box with two sections, one section for cold water, and one for hot water. A fresh waterline goes into the bottom and feeds all the cold-water fixtures. This is a small manifold. As you can imagine, some homes have a lot of water fixtures and outside spigots. These bigger homes need bigger manifolds.

It also has a cold line running to the water heater. The water heater then has a line for hot water that runs back to the manifold and feeds the hot-water fixtures.

pex tubing installation Each fresh water fixture will have a dedicated pex water line from the manifold. The red is used for hot lines and the blue pex is for cold lines.

pex tools

The Pex tubing has many different fittings made of either brass or poly. These fittings slide into the tubing and are crimped in place with crimp rings and a crimper. There are also compression fittings that don't require crimp rings and crimpers.

Plastic tubing is a much simpler approach to fresh water systems than copper or galvanized, but before you make any plans, you need to first find out if it is legal to use.

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