Easy to install peel stick vinyl tile

The new peel stick vinyl tile is an affordable option for many small home builders and can be used to update a floor pattern. Vinyl tile comes in many different styles and designs from stone to wood and, of course, linoleum patterns with colors. It's a dream to work with and it is a lot better quality than what we had 20 years ago.

vinyl tile floor

vinyl tile

Low cost vinyl tile is not a long term flooring solution however, it is referred to as a floating floor because you can apply it over the top of existing flooring even cement. So, when your vinyl tile gets nicked and scuffed, re-tile over and update your look at the same time.

adhesive vinyl tile

Applying vinyl tile (and having it look good) requires precision and careful measuring. It's best to find the center of the room and work your way out from there, trimming the pieces to match up to the walls.

If you start along a wall and work inward, you'll be lucky to keep perfect joints. Most homes have out of square walls and lining up your tile with an out of square wall will only draw more attention to that fact.

installing vinyl tile

To find the center of a normal square floor, X the floor from opposite corners. The term 'x' marks the spot is exactly 'spot on' in this case. Your first tile goes directly in the center with it's points pointing to the four corners. Easy enough, right?

What if your floor is not a standard square or rectangle? And, what if your walls are very much out of square? Here's a solution that will camouflage the imperfections: turn the tile on point like a diamond.

Not only will this help you avoid straight lines against a crooked wall, it will look stylish too. I did this with actual ceramic tile to disguise a crooked wall and it worked wonderfully. It definitely takes more time to carefully cut little triangles to go along the walls, but its worth it.

stick vinyl

peel stick vinyl tile

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