Using metal roof material on your house

Building with metal roof material is fast becoming popular. It wasn't too long ago that metal roofing only came in silver and the only buildings that used it were farm type or businesses. Now you can find metal roofing in almost any color and in a wide variety of designs.

The energy savings associated with metal roofing is amazing. It reflects the sun out in the summer, holds the heat in in the winter and makes for easy snow removal.

This bold red roof and dark wall paint is far from average or customary. You can truly let your own style and personality shine through the design and color choices.

I like the blue roof on this white home. It has a country feel.

metal roofing material

colored metal roof

installing metal roof

metal material

There are different styles of corrugated designs to choose from. Metal roofing sheets come in many sizes and colors. You can choose something that matches your siding or you can be radical and choose a color of metal that contrasts. I've seen great examples of both.

The real problem as I point out in other sections of the metal roof section is that the color fades after 5 or 6 years. This isn't a real big problem anymore with the new types of paint available.

We all want to keep our house looking new, but it's hard to keep it that way with faded metal.

Before painting the metal it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. If you skip this part the paint will start to peel off almost immediately.

If you can get a power washer or a heavy scrub brush, you can get the layer of oxidation off. The metal will look much better after this haze has been stripped away.

Once the metal is clean and dry you can start painting it. Make sure the metal is cool while you're painting it. Also make sure that the temperature doesn't drop below 40 degrees during the 2-day drying cycle.

I know this sounds like a pain, but it's much better than replacing the metal. A lot cheaper too.

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