installing wireless router

Tips on installing a wireless router and internet service to all major rooms of the house. It's best to use CAT5 cable throughout the house and wire each room individually from a network router, but if you're not afraid of leachers, you can use

a wireless router with laptops and desktops. I will teach both ways to set up a home network.

The best way to set up a network is by running CAT5 cable to each room. You should do this anyway for a phone system and a home security system. All these use CAT5 cable because these are all considered to be communications systems.

home network diagram

Setting up a home network with Cat5 cable and a router is easiest if you have the floor layout. Each room has its own cable connected to a data port in the wall. Data ports use a regular electrical box just like a light switch or an outlet box when you're building your home.

data jack

The mod jacks for data ports have a color coded diagram on the back so you get the right CAT5 wires plugged in. On the other end of the cable run, you will need to terminate the cable with an rj-45 connector so it can plug into the router or distribution panel.


Terminating CAT5 takes a little practice, but if you're doing communications systems throughout the house it's a good idea to learn how to do it.

terminating cat5

network wire order

When you get each wire straight, you will cut all of them across the top together so they are the same length. Gently slide them into the rj-45 connector keeping the wires in order. You will feel them slide into place. Once they are all in place crimp them really hard with the crimping tool.

cat5 cable


Setting up a home wireless network for laptops and desktops