Enhance your home when you install stair railing with personality

When you install stair railing there are endless choices in design and style. Function and form is key, along with affordability. In a small home where space is valuable, staircases can add just the right touch of style. Below, using a landing, this handrail adds warmth to the home.

stair railing

Stair rails serve one main purpose which is to provide safety and security while your using the stairs. The handrail, balusters and newel posts can get really expensive though. This is especially true if a finish carpenter installs them for you.

You can get really good deals when you buy stair kits. Stair kits are usually a certain length. If you can keep your stair length at a standard measurement, you can save a lot of money.

Stair railings can also be decorative metal combined with wood. Always remember to consider safety. Make sure the gaps between are not large enough for small children to slip through. stair railings

Circular stairs are an excellent space saver. These pictured are solid wood and come in one unit. Perfect for smaller homes.

staircase railing

Hiring someone to install handrails is expensive, but it takes a fair amount of experience to get it right. There are ready-made kits available that take the guess work out and they are affordable if you want to do the work yourself.

The most important part of the handrail assembly is the newel post. It needs to be as strong as possible because it helps support the entire handrail.

It's best if the main newel post is bolted to the floor joists down through the floor. This takes early planning when the floor framing is being put in.

Lag bolts and strong glue hold the rail pieces in place and make a strong handrail.

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