Basics for how to repair drywall

The basics for how to repair drywall holes is really easy and quite inexpensive. I prefer to do it with what I call sheetrock plugs. You make them yourself and they are really strong.

repair a hole in the wall

Best of all, you can't tell that there was ever a hole in the wall when you're done. See the before and after pic below.

repairing drywall

The old way of patching holes in sheetrock was with mesh netting and several layers of drywall compound. This way is actually faster, cheaper and stronger than mesh netting.

First we need to cut out a square of sheetrock about at least an inch bigger than the hole all the way around.

drywall repair

Now, the important thing is not to cut the sheetrock all the way through. We start with the brown paper side or the back of the sheetrock. We make a cut exactly the size of the hole in the wall.

patching drywall holes

Only cut the brown paper and the gypsum but don't cut the gray paper in the front.

patching walls

The front of the plug will look like this.

patching drywall hole

Next we take drywall mud (compound) and spread a little on the inside of the hole. Then we can either spread mud on the wall around the hole or we can apply the mud to the back of the gray paper on the sheetrock plug.

patching drywall with mud

Regardless of how we apply the mud, it needs to be thick enough to hold the plug and paper in place. Take a trowel and try to make the plug flat against the wall. Try to squeeze out excess mud.

drywall patch Spread the first layer of mud over the plug. Let it dry for several hours before applying the second coat. Once that coat has dried you may need to sand it.

Once finished with that you can texture the wall with either a can of orange peel texture or an air-compressor and hopper.

drywall hopper

Drywall texturing hoppers can be really messy so you will want to put up some plastic on things you don't want to texture.

Still the drywall compound washes away easily with a wet rag.

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