how to install a wood stove

Learning how to install a wood stove heating sources takes a bit of planning. A wood stove's heat will travel the path of least resistance, so you'll want to take that into consideration. Also, wood stoves are a lot of work. They are usually cheaper to use, but hauling and chopping wood is much harder than turning up a thermostat.

Do you have several door frames that will block the heat from entering other rooms? Consider ceiling fans to push the heat down or installing wall vents.

Wood burning stoves need a triple wall stovepipe that extends well above the roof line. Make sure the location you place your stove is suitable for an exterior stovepipe, for example, no upper windows or balconies that are in the way.


Basically, you want a central location that the heat will be evenly distributed and can be easily vented.

One more thing to consider is the wood. How will you get your wood from the stack to the stove? Is there an exterior door nearby? Or a mudroom where a small stack can stay for easy access? Hauling wood is a necessary part of using a wood stove. The easier this process is...well, the easier it is. wood If you live where firewood is in abundance then a wood stove is a great idea, but if you have to have it transported from long distances, then you might want to consider a gas stove.

install wood stove

When you make plans for installing a wood stove you will need to check with the place you are buying the stove from because they will have the necessary local codes and regulations regarding stove proximity to the walls and stove pipe rules.

Wood stoves are simple in design. The don't have a lot of venting complexities like gas stoves. It's important to get a good seal on all the joints of pipe. Also, it's really important to use a triple wall thimble that won't pass heat onto the wall material.

Wood stove pipes need to extend beyond the top of the roof so the air can draw the smoke up and out. If you fail to do this, your house could get really smokey.

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