Learning how to install tile floor

Learning how to install tile floor is a several step process. It's also a learn by trial and error process all too often, but there are a few tips and tricks to make the process better. You can install a tile floor that is inexpensive, durable and above all beautiful.

tiling floor

mixing mortar

We will use a lot of thinset mortar when tiling floors. Try to find a convenient place to mix it.

When tiling floors, we need to make the floor stable. We do this with cement board. The cement board will be secured with screws. Walls and counter tops also need to have cement board installed before the tile goes on.

You will spread a layer of mortar down on the floor and press the cement board into the mortar. Screw the cement board in place. Let that dry for awhile the go over the seams with mortar to make the surface level.

tiling floor

Spread a layer of thinset mud onto the cement board with the smooth part of the trowel. Once you have an even layer trowel it with the the other side to get wavy lines. This helps create suction to hold the tile in place while it dries. It also helps it dry faster.

Starting from the middle of the floor or a main focal point, lay down the first tile. You can use tile spacers to keep the tiles evenly spaced as you do the entire floor.

You start in the middle of the floor because this will be the most obvious part of the focal point. Once you run tile to the walls and corners, you will need to cut the tile to make it fit. It's best to have the cut tiles where people won't be constantly looking at them.

Let the mortar dry for at least 24 hours before walking on it. Next, we will apply the grout.

Press the grout into the tile seams in a sweeping but firm motion. Make sure the grout is level in all seams. Let it dry for just a few minutes, then with a grout sponge, wipe excess grout away. The grout should stay in the seams.

Once that dries, you will need to go back over the grout and tiles with the sponge to remove the grout haze. This is just a dingy covering from the grout. The tile should then look very nice.

Once the grout has dried a few days, you will want to seal it with grout sealant and a brush. This will keep the grout from getting dirty and it will also help keep it strong.

These are the basics on how-to-install-tile-floor in smaller home projects.