how to install metal roof

Learning how to install metal roof material for better energy efficiency is a simple process. Naturally, working with steel is harder than working with shingles because metal roofing is tough stuff. It's really durable though and it's totally worth the effort.

metal roofs

roofing felt

As with all roofs, you will need to lay down a layer of roofing felt. It's best to use staples to secure the felt.

tar paper

It's really important to start at the bottom and lay down a horizontal layer. Then overlap the first layer with the second layer.

Do this until you reach the top of the roof. This will make sure that any moisture that gets in under the metal will run down the roof freely.

Also as in other roofing projects, you will need to apply flashing to corners and valleys on the roof before the metal is put on. You can buy the flashing in rolls. You will need to get some good tin snips and gloves to cut the metal.

metal flashing

There are special metal screws that have a rubber collar. Make sure to tighten the screws down to the point where the rubber seal starts to flatten out. This will make a good weather seal. Try not to over-tighten these screws because it will bend the metal and can cause small valleys that can collect water. If you're screwing down the ridge, be extra careful to not over-tighten the screws because this can cause the metal ridge to pull up and water might be able to get in.

screw metal roof

The illustration above shows the screw schedule. This will give the metal the most security and resistance against moisture. It will also give it the most strength in the wind.

ridge cap

Once the metal sheets are all put on, you can do final step by putting on the ridge cap.

Metal roofs last for decades if they are cared for properly. Metal can even be repainted, but it's kind of tricky.

After a few years, the metal can look faded. If you want to paint it, you'll have to clean it thoroughly to get the layer of oxidized metal and rust off or the paint will not adhere.

You will also need a special kind of paint for painting metal roofs.