Planning and designing blueprints

Using house blueprints when building your own small home isn't as difficult as you might think. By understanding the symbols and abbreviations anyone can decipher them.

An architect will design your blueprints and will put an engineer's seal on them. You will need these blueprints before you can get a building permit. Architects are very different in the way they charge for services. Some charge by the hour. ($50-$150 per hr)

Others charge a percentage of the total construction cost of the project. In an average area, this is 5-10%.

If your in an area where you can design your own blueprints to save money, then do that.

house blueprints

First, get your ideas on paper...

The best way to start making your own blueprints is by using graph paper or science paper. You know, the stuff we used back in science. Draw up the outside walls and keep everything to scale using the little grids on the paper.

make blueprints

Design your entire house blueprints plan this way. Be sure to include kitchen cabinets and appliances. You can get the dimensions for appliances online at Lowes or Home Depot. This will help keep the plans accurate.

Once you have a good plan drawn up, you can learn how to utilize blueprint symbols and then create the architectural, electrical, and plumbing blueprints.

The architectural blueprints will need to have the following:

House blueprints help the communication between builder and owner become open and clear. Blueprints will be drawn up by an architect and will have an engineer's seal on them. This is usually a code requirement.

professional blueprints

There are different blueprints that show each part of the house that the contractors will need to have. For example, there are the architect plans. Homeowners that want to save money on blueprints can design their own and show them to an architect. Depending on local codes, the building inspector might accept your own home plans if he or she can understand them. Most of the time, inspectors prefer to have an architect draw up the plans.

You can still save money by making it easy for the architect by having plans ready including blueprint symbols in the right place. Small home plans are much easier to draw up.