Great home storage ideas for a clutter free home

Many people are looking for home storage ideas to help organize their excess 'junk'. All too often, the simplest ideas go overlooked.

Let's face it, some homes or apartments do not have ample closet space for storage making it difficult for those of us who are pack-rats to keep some semblance of order to our madness.

Here's a few areas of the home that are often passed over as potential storage:

Above Kitchen Cupboards-- You know, the space reserved for odd baskets, fake ivy, cobwebs and dust. This area is great for those once-a-year items like the turkey pan or the extra large bowls that you never seem to use but know the moment you throw it away you'll need it.

Make sure you either turn them upside down or cover them somehow to reduce the dust buildup and critter habitations. Dust off the old fake ivy and string it around these common items to give it a purposeful decorating effort.

If you are building a new home or are going to remodel your kitchen, consider cabinets that go to the ceiling. I once saw a home with 12 foot ceilings and the kitchen cabinets went all the way up.

The very top row were small with decorative glass doors and accent lighting inside the cabinets for a beautiful nightlight effect. And yes, they had a clever stepping stool to access the rarely used contents of the cupboards.

Under the Stairs-- This area is quite often dark, scary and cluttered, yet if you have a full flight of stairs, you have a potentially large amount of storage here. First of all, paint the interior white and install a light even if it's just a battery operated one.

Brightening up the cave makes it more inviting and friendly. Next, consider that items placed in the far reaches of the dwindled space will be difficult to get at so it should be items rarely used or once a year items like Christmas decorations.

Organize the items in the closet using plastic totes, think Tetris, and leave that last one or two feet by the door to hang coats or stack shoes and boots. We installed coat hooks on the inside of the door.