Bathroom renovation E book

This free tile E book teaches how to renovate an entire bathroom with limited space. Remodeling an existing bathroom breathes life into your home and adds value. These are some really fun ideas for bathroom renovations.

Learn how to build a full tile shower complete with custom-made shower pan, how to install a new toilet, change out a sink, run electrical wiring, laying tile and grouting, and more!

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remodel bathroom

The idea is to remodel a bathroom in a smaller home that utilizes space efficiently, but also looks nice and is very economical. Bathrooms are typically very expensive projects to hire out. Especially if there's tile.

Bathroom renovations are labor intensive and so it takes a long time to get things done. Any homeowner that wishes to undertake a big job like this can save thousands of dollars. In some cases, tens of thousands of dollars.

For us with smaller homes, these projects are well within our grasp.

free tile ebook

free tile book

laying tile

Laying tile is a difficult job, but it is also kind of fun. You can use a lot of creativity when planning the project.

cut tile

Cutting tile is a breeze if you have a tile saw. If you don't have one, it's a nightmare. Even a low-end tile saw will do a good job and it usually costs under $100. It's definitely worth the money simply because of the time and waste it will save.

bath tile

Let your imagination run wild when you're designing a new bathroom. Renovation projects are a lot of hard work, but you will be so glad you made the effort.

There are several samples from my free E book download to help your creativity. There is also a complete start-to-finish help guide on framing showers and baths, building a shower stall with mortar and tile shower pan, bathroom electrical, cabinet restoration, floor tile, bath and wall tile, sink installation and toilet installation.

Go get the free download!