Floor plan 3 : 2 bedroom 2 bath and 2 levels

The floorplan 3 shows a small cottage with two levels, two baths, two bedrooms with an optional third. It also has a vaulted living room and dual entrances. Very cute. The exterior design is very simple and would be very inexpensive to build. The price of materials would be around $80,000. To have a contractor build it, the cost would be around $155,000.


I really like this simple design. It utilizes space so efficiently with the upstairs having one bedroom and a small family room or study. It could easily be turned into a third bedroom.

The ceiling and walls upstairs would be very sloped and that would make a difficult arrangement with furniture, but things like dressers could be against an end or interior wall.

This would also be a very inexpensive house to heat and cool. The vaulted ceiling would allow heat to rise easily. An extra bedroom could be added if the vaulted ceiling was no longer wanted.

cottage blueprint

The steep pitch of the roof would make this a good design for areas that get a lot of rain and snow. Asphalt shingles, vinyl siding and inexpensive, no frills windows would make this design a very economical plan for a family with modest income.

This would be a good starter home for a young couple. As the family grew, they could change the upstairs family room into a bedroom.

This would be a cheap home to build. It would be a perfect home for do-it-yourselfers to build without the help of contractors because of its simple design. It is small enough that it would be easy to sell also.

cottage floorplan

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