Floorplan 2 : Three Bedroom Cute Modern Colonial

Floorplan 2 is of a modern Colonial type home. Two levels, three bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, spacious main floor and open feel. It makes good use of every square foot in the house. With a square footage of about 1200 the cost of materials would be $105,000. To have it built by a contractor, it would be about $215,000.

colonial floorplan

colonial blueprint

The exterior design of the house isn't a common plan and that could make it cost more to build. The wall and roof framing could potentially be a little more labor intensive.

The dwelling has a one-car garage that is fairly small, but it could work fine for a frugal family. The roof pitch would make this a good design for heavy snow and rain areas. Shingles and vinyl siding keep this home in the range of being affordable. In heavy snow areas, a metal roof or heavy slate shingle would be more resistant. Vinyl siding is cheaper than stucco.

The interior design on the main floor has a large family room that could also be split for a dining room just off the kitchen. The kitchen has a small area, but it is still adequate for being a food prep area.

The front door entrance is open and the family room and the kitchen can be seen by visitors as they enter the home. I don't care for that, but a family that doesn't entertain much might feel comfortable there.

colonial plans

The upstairs has three bedrooms and a full bathroom. The two bedrooms are average and the master bedroom is a no frills room that utilizes space very efficiently. The entire upstairs is a lesson in efficiency without wasting any space.

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