Floorplan 1

The floor plan 1 is an excellent modern home plan with large windows, vaulted great room ceiling and optional basement. Depending on where you build this one, there could be a walk-out basement. The design allows for spectacular views to be had.

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With a full basement this house would be quite large. A basement would add to the construction cost a lot though. The cost of materials for a home like this would be around $110,000 because of its design. To have it built by a contractor, the price would average around $200,000.

There are cheaper designs that would also be easier to build, but this is a very popular style right now and would be an easy home to sell in the future.

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The problem is that this design has only one bedroom, but that could be easily remedied with a wall. The master bedroom has a walk-in closet that could be down sized so more room could be used for an extra bedroom. It has two bathrooms which is a necessity in modern homes.

I like this design because it's a smaller home, but would look a lot bigger on the inside and it would offer a great area for entertaining guests.

The vinyl siding and the asphalt shingles are subject to upgrade with the owner's choice, but by using these instead of bricks and metal or clay roofing, a bunch of money can be saved on construction.

The full fireplace would be a fun view and the vaulted ceiling would make the entire house seem more spacious. I believe that vaulted ceilings are a waste of space, but it seems to work in this instance for a home with only a few occupants.

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