Designing floor plan blueprints

Making your own floor plan blueprints isn't hard if you know what the building inspector will be looking for. Most people recognize the floor plans as the main house blueprints. Floorplans are fun to create. You can let your mind wander and add in all your dreams to the plans.

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The first plans we design are usually the floor plans. We usually start out with a paper with grids on it and take a ruler and draw the outside walls first. The we draw the inside walls and add in things like stairs, appliances, counters, windows, doors and fixtures.

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The first floorplans are just a rough draft of how you want your home to be. If you're using graph paper, you will want to decide on a scale size. For instance, every square on the graph paper could equal on foot of the floorplan.

This helps to keep everything to scale. You can draw in windows and doors once you know the dimensions of them. Countertops, appliances and fixtures all need to be to scale as well. A great way to find the dimensions of these things is to go online to Home Depot or Lowes and look up the sizes for each thing you want to put in the floorplan.
Floor plans include things like wall dimensions and thicknesses, interior walls, room descriptions, windows and doors, and cabinets.

When you get everything included in your floorplans, you can copy them into a program like Microsoft Publisher and make them bigger. You can even take them to a printing store and have them printed on a large format printer or plotter so you can have an accurate size of your floorplans.

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