Drawing the elevation section of blueprints

The elevation blueprints are needed to show how the house fits vertically into the building plan. It gives height dimensions of the house and other components attached to the house. Elevation plans typically show a larger version of the front of the house after it is completed than the other three sides of the house.

Many architects like to use the scale of 1/4-inch=1-foot for the front image of the house. Then for the back and sides they use 1/8-inch=1-foot. This is so they can add extra details. Not all architects do this however. Here is a blueprint of a house elevation that shows all four sides of the home in the same scale.

blueprint elevation sample

This elevation plan shows four sides of the house so contractors and carpenters can all have the same idea. There are other things in blueprints that may need elevation dimensions besides the exterior of the house.

elevation blueprint

Blueprints can be extremely thorough or they can be succinct. This depends on the Architects relationship to the general contractor. If the architect knows that the general contractor has a lot of experience and knows how to fill in the gaps, he or she will draw up simple plans and if the contractor has questions he or she can consult the architect.

This can actually save the homeowner a lot on the fee for drafting blueprints. This of course, also depends on the demands of the local inspectors.

blueprints elevation

Some plans give the dimensions for door and window openings. Also things such as dormers, garages, steps and roof pitches are often included in the elevation part of the blueprints. Elevation blueprints give the house plan a 3d perspective.

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