Making drywall corners

Making drywall corners correctly takes a little practice. Special reinforced paper or corner bead tape is required for corners. There are other options for drywall corners that are more expensive, but I will discuss only one at this time. taping drywall corners I still use metal corner tape although there are a few alternatives that are better, yet they cost a lot more. Once you learn how to use metal corner tape it is a breeze. The only problem is that this type of tape doesn't hold up as well when kids and animals are running into corners all the time.

You will need to apply the mud to the inside corner in a thin layer and then fold the tape down the middle to fit into the corner.

drywall inside corner

make drywall corner

Outside corners are more difficult than inside corners. You will need to apply a good amount of compound to both sides of the corner before the corner tape goes on.

how to drywall corner

The corner tape will adhere to the compound on the wall and should contour to the corner really well.

You will also spread a coat of compound over the corner tape and press out the excess compound with a trowel.
Once the first coat is dry you can start the second coat. You will do this with a 5 or 6-inch trowel smoothing the mud into one side of the corner at a time. Once that coat dries you can put a finish coat on.

drywall corner bead

Now we can concentrate on the outside corners. After the corner bead has been nailed in place you can apply the first coat of mud.

Corner beads don’t need tape; they just need to be covered with at least three layers of compound. You just start with the 5-inch trowel and do one side at a time with the first layer, then switch and do the other side covering the entire corner bead with compound.

drywall outside corner

From this point it’s just the same as inside corners. Make a second application, let dry, and then chip away burrs or high spots, then on to the final coat.

outside corner drywall

sanding drywall

Once the corner is finished you will want to sand it with a power sander so the surface is smooth and blends in with the rest of the wall. You don't want to have any seams, cracks or slags in the surface.

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