Compact washer/dryer combos

When floor space is slim, compact washer/dryer combos and other appliances help preserve as much of it as possible. From over/under washer dryer units, under the cabinet coffee makers, in the wall ironing boards, microwave/range-hood combo, to slimline flat-screen televisions and computer screens, there are more and more alternatives to save space in a small home.

 washer and dryer This washer/dryer sits tucked away in a closet. Notice the drip pan under the washer. I highly recommend this little goody. The new energy saving washers use less water, therefore, a pan like this one would be able to contain all the water in the event of a leak.

This combination also works really well in a small laundry room with limited space. It gives you more room for sorting clothes or for installing a laundry sink.

This combo washer/dryer form Maytag offers a slim design that fits in tight spaces. You can decide which component to have on the bottom and the top component id held tightly with a mounting bracket.

In most cases, the dryer will be mounted on top because it has less movement and less weight that the washer.

If you really don't want an over/under washer and dryer, you can get the combos that fit tightly against each other and have a slimmer design than regular combos.

These look great and they don't take up as much room as you would think.

The new washer/dryer combos could be one of the best space saving ideas yet. I think the jury is still out on these though. If they can perform well for another 5 years or so, I might consider buying one. These wash and dry the clothes. I suppose they would take at least twice as long as a separate washer dryer.

Still for small families, these could be a good idea. It's the best of both worlds when you're looking for compact-washer-and-dryer combos.

wall ironing board

I found this clever unit on the internet. It has both recess mounted and wall mounted units. A great way to get the clunky ironing board and iron out of the way.

It even has a sleeve board. There are other similar types of space saving ironing board systems out there.

I don't know many people who still iron their clothes these days, but this could be a good item that is neatly folded up out of the way until it is needed.