Finding cable lighting hardware

Finding cable lighting hardware for your project doesn't have to be difficult. Home lighting stores, Builders warehouse stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, online companies and independent contractors are all good places to find your hardware, but which will be the least expensive?

cable light Cable lighting is still a new type of lighting, therefore it still carries a high price tag. However, the versatility of cable lights is worth it for some people.

Running cable lights in an existing home is less invasive than cutting into your walls and running wires to strategically place accent lights. In that context, the high price of a cable lighting system is suddenly not so high.

cable lights

The hardware needed for this type of lighting is pictured in the diagram below. This image shows a lighting run that turns around a corner. The surface mount transformer hooks into existing light boxes either on the ceiling or walls and powers the system.

These are available in low voltage lighting that use very little electricity. Surprisingly, the output is quite bright.

cable light diagram

As we can see from the cable lighting diagram above, the lights are suspended on heavy cables. This makes them adjustable so they can shine in any direction. It's kind of like being on a movie studio set.

The transformers are either a box inside the wall or a surface-mounted transformer on the wall. This makes installation much easier in existing homes. New homes can be wired so the outlets are already there with a little planning ahead.

An attic space remodeled with Cable lighting spruces up the small area and even highlights the artwork with the individual positioning lights.

cable lighting