Making living space from a bungalow loft

A bungalow loft conversion takes wasted attic storage space and gives it useful purpose. Popular conversions are master bedrooms, office space, home theater rooms, game rooms, art studios or extra bedrooms.

Many older homes have open attics because when they were built, the quality of insulation was not as good as it is today. The attic actually created an airspace barrier to keep the rest of the house comfortable. Times are different now. We can utilize all that wasted space and turn it into interesting rooms. loft conversion

Small homes, cottages or bungalows quite often have attic spaces and more than often these attics are full of dust covered boxes and old artifacts.

Usually attics have windows on end walls or even dormer windows already in place. This makes it even easier to convert an attic to usable living space.

attic window

Some things to consider when considering an attic remodel are headroom, entry or staircases, plumbing possibilities, insulation needs, heating methods and lighting. All of these and others depend on what you plan to use your attic or loft for.

attic renovation

Using space wisely can turn into something really fun and valuable. There are many older homes that have wasted space in attics that can be used for living space.

attic room

Attic renovations can be fairly inexpensive if you approach the project frugally. The first thing to consider is insulation. You will most likely need to add insulation to the walls because most attics are poorly insulated.

This isn't expensive though. Illumination could get a little more expensive if you decide to put in skylights. They are really popular and attractive, but they involve a lot of labor to install.

Most attics have poor lighting as well. You will probably need to run a few electrical lines to get the power you need to the lights and outlets. This is fairly easy to do though.

loft conversions

Traditional lofts are open to the lower level with hand-railing or a half-wall and are usually used as non-private living space. A loft conversion can include privatizing your existing loft.