How to build a small house

It makes more sense to build a smaller house now than it ever has. A smaller house costs less and is easier to sell than a large house.

Here is my free E book download that helps explain why smaller homes make more sense. This E book also helps us better understand how the economy has changed over the last 40 years, making it very difficult to stay on top of our finances.

It offers us options for building homes in a struggling economy. Homes that are high in equity and have low monthly payments.

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You see, back in 1970, when I was a kid, minimum wage was $2.00 per hour. That doesn't seem like much, but money had a lot more buying power back then than it does today.

For example an average sized home cost around $25,000. A new 4-wheel drive pickup cost about $3800. Medical costs from a baby delivery cost around $500. A couple living the American dream could survive on just one household income. Life was good.

In our modern day however, that same type of home now costs over $200,000, A new pickup costs around $40,000, and a new baby delivery costs around $8,000. Minimum wage is around $8.00 per hour.

This is how we lost buying power with our incomes and now we have to do things differently than our parents taught. The problem is even worse than that however; with the housing and financial crisis, the value of homes has plummeted. This is most unfortunate for those that had little equity in their homes before the crash.

It means that now the home mortgages are under water. The amount owed on the loan is more than the value of the home. Many homeowners are walking away leaving the home in the hands of the bank.

There's no way to see the future, but we can at least prepare for the worst by gaining equity in our homes. This can be done easily if we build them ourselves.