Building a corner shower stall

When you build a corner shower, there are some important details you don't want to skimp on. The last thing anyone wants is water damage due to a leaking shower. This is a great way to build a custom-sized tile shower that never leaks. It also looks beautiful once it's finished.

shower framing

tile shower

Tile showers take a lot of work. The good part is if you do the labor you can save around 80% of the cost of a contractor-built tile shower.

shower frame You can frame a shower stall with regular lumber. 2X4 lumber is just fine. The strength of the shower stall will be a combination of the framing and the cement board. The beauty of building a custom shower stall is that you can make it any size or put it in an irregular-sized area because you will be doing the shower pan out of mortar and tile.

shower lighting

Now is a good time to put in a recessed shower light and run the electrical from the switch to the light. The shower light will be a special light that is sealed against moisture.

shower stall frame

We are only building a tile shower stall at this point, but the shower pan is the most important part. Be sure to see how to build a mortar tile shower pan by clicking on the shower pan link at the bottom of this page.

We'll suppose that the shower pan is finished and we can start putting up cement board on the walls. Cement board keeps moisture out better than ordinary sheetrock walls. It's also a lot tougher.

You will need masonry screws to attach the cement board the shower frame studs.

shower walls

While you're building the shower pan, you will need to put up the cement board on the walls where the shower pan meets the walls because you will pour another layer of mortar on the shower pan and it will cover the bottom of the wall cement board making a good water tight seal.

mudding cement board

There is a special tape and mud used for sealing the joints on cement board. This is very easy to do and it doesn't need to be a really neat job because it will get covered with tile.

tiling a shower

The wall tile will need to be put on after the floor tile to keep the water seal. We want the water to run down walls and into the drain without stopping or puddling anywhere.

grouting shower

Once all the tiles are in place, you will need to grout all the tile to make a complete seal.

shower tiling

Tile the outside of the shower just like you did for the inside using any type of design you like.

shower tile ideas
Once the tile work is all done and you have removed the tile haze by lightly buffing it, you can add fixtures or shelves on the outside of the shower stall.

This is how you build shower stalls with cement board, mortar and tile.

A properly built shower stall will drain well from all corners and will not leak down to the subfloor. The links below gives you all the needed information to successfully build a masterpiece.



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