Match your personal needs when you build a closet yourself

You can build closets that are personalized to your needs and to your available space. There are so many options at home builders stores that are ready made, even flexible or telescoping to fit the exact distance of your closet.

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Designing closets in a smaller home is important because it helps utilize wasted space. Larger homes can afford to waste space, but smaller sized homes can get cluttered up too quickly without adequate storage space.

This is a small room that is used for a walk-in closet. There is room for clothes that are used every day and there is room up above for seasonal clothes like coats and sweaters.

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These easy to install units can be done in a day helping you maximize your closet area and organizing it. You'll need a level, power drill and stud finder. h where your uprights need to be, you may want to purchase a couple of support boards to screw onto the wall, your uprights would then screw into the board.

Drywall anchors can only support just so much weight before they fail. Clothing and shoes weigh a surprising amount.

Closet kits are easy to install and most are very inexpensive. If you're building a closet for a pantry or a bunch of garage shelves, you might want to get some quality particle board and cut it into shelves.

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Wooden or composite board closets are a bit more precise with measurements. Height and width need to be exact even if that means re-framing to accommodate the unit.

The upper picture with the light wood doesn't actually touch the wall on the right side. A spacer would be advised to keep the unit from wiggling.

free-standing closet

Free-standing closets are a quick fix in a pinch. These units are easy to assemble and many come with covers to protect the clothing from dust and moths.

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A closet doesn't have to be expensive to look nice. Here is a big closet made from simple shelves, but illuminated with shelf and cabinet lighting for a soft glow. It provides a warm ambiance.