Designing blueprint sections that show how the house segments fit together

The blueprint sections part of your house plans show how each part of the house or special component fits together with the main structure.

This can be best described as a cross-section of the house plan. Suppose that we could build a house and cut it in half so we could see how everything fits together. This is how an architect designs the cross section details of a house using the sections part of the blueprints.

This can start at the very foundation and explain the structure and dimensions of the foundation footer and wall. It will also detail how the floor is connected and built in relation to the foundation.

It will show how the walls are connected to the floor and it will give dimensions of floor joists and wall studs. The sections details are the part to explain how everything fits together and what fastens them in place.

For example, if a garage is part of the blueprints, a detailed sections blueprint will be added showing how the garage is made starting with the cement floor. Then the walls will need to have details in relation to the floor. The roof and its dimensions will need to show how it connects to the walls.

Finally, the garage will need to show how it connects to the rest of the house and how it will be fastened.

This is an over-simplification of the sections part of blueprints, but for the sake of learning a little about each part of the blueprints, this will have to suffice. These are more for the contractor than the inspector, but the inspector will still want to look at them.

3d house plan This cutaway shows how the components of the house are in relation to each other. Building a house means working on several components and making them all fit into one whole unit. There are many steps to building a house. Cross-section plans help Inspectors and contractors understand how all the pieces are to fit together.

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