Designing blueprint details

The blueprint details portion of the house plan gives certain information about special features of the house that may not be easy to understand by looking at normal floor plans. Blueprint details are what contractors look at when some part of the architectural design is out of the ordinary.

Things like stair handrails, fireplaces and mantles, window boxes, and built-in cabinets are a few examples of special components that need their own instructions.

Carpenters rely on this part of the blueprints to get the architects idea about construction methods. In most cases the general contractor communicates with the homeowner to better visualize the plan so he or she can describe it to the carpenters to avoid costly mistakes and do-overs.

blueprint details

Inspectors and contractors both like to have tons of information about the building project. They both want to be able to help you build the house exactly the way you want within code regulations.

blueprint sample

Each homeowner wants to have something special and unique about his or her home. Things that they have included in their house design plans.

The more unique the design is, the more descriptive the details section of the blueprints need to be. If you're having blueprints made for you by an architect, he or she will tell you that the more complex the design, the higher the fee will be for drawing up the plans. That just makes sense.

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