Bathroom vanities and sinks

There are many bathroom vanities and sinks to choose from or have specially built for you. Home builders stores have ready made cabinets in many dimensions that make it easier and cheaper than hiring a professional cabinet maker.

Sinks, countertops and one piece sink/countertops are usually a standard fit for the dimensions of the cabinets. The idea for smaller homes is to make the best use of small spaces. Bathroom vanity cabinets are a good example of this.

bathroom vanity photo

This is a photo of the bathroom vanity in my master bedroom. It is next to the shower stall and offers everything needed in a vanity, but it is installed in a small space.

small bathroom ideas

See how we have made good use of the limited space. We have a shower and a vanity in a small area. It doesn't feel like a small area though.

The picture below shows a free-standing vanity for a small bathroom. This is very generic though. You can get these vanities and sinks for around $150 at places like Home Depot or Lowes. It's not anything special, but it makes good use of a small area without the cost of having a cabinet built by a contractor.

bathroom vanity

Dual sink cabinets and vanities are very popular as they allow multiple users to occupy the bathroom at the same time. In families with two or more children of school age it helps to have two sinks in one bathroom. It's not really a design for a small bathroom, but a small home with children needs to have a few luxuries.

In this modern world where so often both spouses work and have to get ready at the same time, the dual sink vanity works great.

bathroom vanities

The photo below shows a built in unit that was specially created to utilize more space. Notice the countertop juts out a bit. This design allows for more floor space and a less crowded bathroom.

bathroom vanities and sink

A popular choice for a half bath or guest bathroom is the pedestal sink. Of course, these work great in any kind of bathroom. The beauty of the pedestal is it takes up very little floor space.

Personally, I don't see the appeal in pedestal sinks, but they are becoming very popular in modern homes. They require such a small space to occupy.

pedestal sink

cool bathroom

This modern bathroom is built in an attic that used to be a storage area with insulation all around. It is a good use of space that was being wasted. The modern bathroom vanities and sinks give this room a contemporary feel without costing a lot of money for renovation.

Making use of limited space is challenging, but I've seen some of the most brilliant results come from the necessity of utilizing space.