The price of vinyl siding

The average cost of vinyl siding depends greatly on whether or not you plan on hanging the siding yourself, or if you are having a contractor do it for you. Also, the quality of siding and the added trim features such as soffits, crown molding and corner boards can increase the total price.

vinyl siding

Before you can get an idea of the cost for your project, you need to know the exterior square footage of the home. There is a simple formula to do this. You'll need the dimensions of your home and the height of the area to be sided.

In the example below, the home is 30' by 50' and has a height of 10'. The formula is 10(30+30+50+50) or 10 times the combined total of 160. The square footage to be covered by siding is 1,600 feet.

Now here's the easy part, for do-it-yourself'ers using average quality vinyl siding, simply times your square footage by $1.00. That's right, a buck. This figure is actually a little high but will allow for trim pieces.

If you are curious about how much it would cost for a contractor to apply vinyl siding to your home, simply add $10,000 to the do-it-yourself price.

$1,600 do-it-yourself


$11,600 for a contractor

Now, before several contractors send me hate mail, know that not all contractors will tack on $10,000, some will only inflate it by $8,000. And they will be done with the project in a matter of days.

What you as a homeowner needs to decide is, is it worth the additional thousands to have it done quickly? OR should you do some research, buy a few inexpensive tools and do it yourself?

So I will list the average price for each of the vinyl siding accessories necessary to install vinyl siding. If you have questions about how each of these fits into place, you can refer to my vinyl siding installation page here.

vinyl siding cost

Vinyl siding strips come in many shapes, sizes and colors. On average, it is quite cheap.

This piece of 4-inch lap is 120-inches long and costs about $8 a sheet.

vinyl siding starter strip

Starter strips are 122-inches long. These are always at the bottom of the wall and they hold the first piece of siding in place.

They average around $7.
vinyl undersill trim

Undersill trim(sometimes called utility trim)is placed below windows and eaves so the top piece of vinyl siding can snap into place and be held strong by the snap-lock lugs.

Undersill trim is around 150-inches.

It costs about $8.
j channel siding

J-channel is used around windows and doors. It usually comes in lengths of 150-inches.

Each piece costs around $7.
vinyl siding corner

This is an outside vinyl siding corner post. They usually come in lengths of around 122-inches.

Each piece costs around $25.
vinyl inside corner

Vinyl siding inside corners come in lengths of about 120-inches.

They cost around $14.
vinyl siding vent

Vinyl siding boxes like these are used for dryer vents, outlets, lights and spigots.

They cost around $11.
f channel vinyl

F-channel is used for holding the soffit in place under the eaves.
It comes in lengths of 150-inches and costs around $7.
vinyl soffit

Soffit comes in vinyl or metal. It is also vented with small holes in it for eave venting if that is the need.

It is about 122-inches long and costs about $12.
vinyl fascia

Vinyl fascia is used on the front of the eave. It is about 150-inches long.

It usually costs around $13.

This is an idea of the average cost of vinyl siding and its accessories. Put them all together and you get the total price of your project. Vinyl siding is really inexpensive and great to work with. I encourage anyone to do their own siding projects to save money.