architect blueprint symbols

Using blueprint symbols when designing a smaller house plan keeps the blueprints organized so the inspector and contractor can get the right idea of how you want to build your house.

An architect usually designs the entire house plan which includes Electrical, Plumbing and Architectural designs and symbols. He or she has to be up to date on all local building codes and regulations. After the Architect finishes the plans, he or she will put an Engineer's stamp on the the blueprints.

An Engineer's stamp tells the building inspector that the plans have met local codes. Still, it is up to the building inspector to make sure that the house is built according to the local codes. The general contractor usually knows about these codes and it is his or her neck on the line if they aren't met.

Not only that, but if the house is financed through a bank, the bank will want to make sure the house has met all modern codes and will keep its value in the future.

It is also necessary to have met all the codes and regulations so you can insure the home. Insurance companies don't want the home to burn down shortly after it is built.

These symbols are used by the carpenters when they are planning and framing the foundation, floors, walls, roofs and building headers for windows and doors. They will also be used by the cabinet makers.

architect blueprint symbols

Architecture symbols are also used by every other contractor because everything in the house has to fit together in a neat fashion. The general contractor will stay on top of this as he or she helps the sub-contractors understand each aspect of the floor plan and how it fits together.

blueprint architectural symbols

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